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This DigICoMST site provides the printed materials of International Congresses of Meat Science and Technology (ICoMST) of the years 1955 – 2019. Following each Congress, the Proceedings will be uploaded to this website.

The material may never be fully complete and perfect. There are many papers in the tables of contents of many Congresses that finally did not appear in the proceedings or the other way around. Different meetings used different ways to write the names and titles, but they were not harmonized to avoid a huge additional work. I also ask to forgive the many typing errors that we could not notice. Also the papers themselves contain many errors and mistakes, like authors cited by their first names etc., but hardly any attempts have been done to amend them, and papers will appear as they were sent. I have personally split the scanned material into individual papers and checked all the files, but there may be still much checking and amending left.

The first about 50 meetings were available in paper form only, and needed to be scanned and bookmarked before putting into the system. The newest material in its original digital form having the individual papers in separate files has been included.

This DigICoMST project has been supported by several meat research units and organisations from many countries all over the world as well as by individual persons giving the support from their own resources. The new list of sponsors will be attached when all transactions have been made. My own contribution is collected from my consulting of Finnish meat industry which I was able to direct to DigICoMST support. The companies are Atria Group Ltd, HKScan Ltd and Snellman Co.

Several students of Meat Technology at University of Helsinki, MSc. Sibhekiso Simbambili, MSc. Johanna Rotikko and MSc. Maija Juusela have written or moved the tables of contents to the form required by the system. Also MSc. Yulong Bao, MSc. Miao Liu, MSc. Yuemei Zhang and MSc. Zhen Zeng have contributed by doing part of the checking of the material.

First of all, Jorma Ahlqvist, CTO, and his staff from Unigrafia Ltd have done excellent work in the system’s planning of the material. Multiprint Ltd, Henna Lehtinen and her staff, have scanned most of the material with myself and Maija Juusela scanning material also. University of Helsinki has provided me with the tools to do this work as well as given a quota for the material to be saved on a server.

The material will be updated every year. Please be patient with the eventual errors and other difficulties that may exist. Please follow the instructions given for some Meetings.

The material is open access, but when using this digital material it is expected that the citation should, in addition to the normal bibliographic data, include also ‘Source: www.digicomst.ie’.

I wish to thank all the people involved for their most valuable contributions that have made my dream come true!

Please excuse the nonsystematic ways to write the references, as the sources as well as the persons who typed them from the sources them have been different. Especially the Russian names have been difficult, because the transliteration varies from language to language, and none of us knew Russian. The proceedings have been used during the congresses, mostly by Professor F.P. Niinivaara. So, please excuse also the Finnish handwritten comments and the drawings on papers. Some of the source pages are so low in quality that it was not possible to get a good quality scan of it. I hope though that the papers are readable. A good way to view them is by enlarging the pages. When using the ‘Search’ function, please use different words, because there might be errors in names and titles, as they have been taken sometimes directly from the papers and sometimes from the tables of contents, and there are sometimes differences between them.

This work was done to honour Professor F.P. Niinivaara, who started the congress series, and the many other esteemed scientists who have contributed to meat science and the congresses over the years!

I hope that you will use this resource for research as well as for teaching. Enjoy the old and newer papers and use this immense source of material, produced by generations of scientists for the benefit of Meat Science and Technology, for over the years to come!

Viikki, Helsinki, Finland
May, 2017

Eero Puolanne
Professor Emeritus
DigICoMST Project leader
ICoMST Contact Secretary 1985-2018

Declan Troy, ICoMST International Secretariat,
Teagasc Food Research Centre,
Ashtown, Dublin 15, Ireland.
Ph: +353 1 8059500   
Email: Declan.troy@teagasc.ie      

July 2020