Animal Tissue Biology

  1. Growth rate within the feeding regime seems to drive early postmortem metabolism and beef tenderization: a proteomic approach

Daniel S. Antonelo, Juan F. M. Gómez, Saulo L. Silva, Mariane Beline, Xue Zhang, Yifei Wang, Bruna Pavan, Larissa A. Koulicoff, Alessandra F. Rosa, Rodrigo S. Goulart, Shuting Li, David E. Gerrard, Surendranath P. Suman, M. Wes Schilling, Julio C.C. Balieiro

2. Variations in intramuscular fat content and profile in Angus x Nellore steers under
different feeding strategies contribute to color and tenderness development in
longissimus thoracis

Daniel Antonelo, Mariane Beline, Saulo Silva, Juan Gómez, Christina Ferreira, Xue Zhang, Bruna Pavan, Larissa Koulicoff, Alessandra Rosa, Rodrigo Goulart, David Gerrard, Surendranath Suman, Wes Schilling, Julio Balieiro

3. Effect of sexual condition on postmortem metabolism and meat quality of Nellore cattle

Mariane Beline, Daniel S. Antonelo, Juan F. M. Gómez, Sulaiman K. Matarneh, Camylla P. Monteiro, Paulo R. Leme, Rodrigo S. Goulart, Alessandra F. Rosa, Mirele D. Poleti, Julio C.C. Balieiro, David E. Gerrard, Saulo L. Silva

4. Meat quality of Nellore males is affected by sexual condition

Mariane Beline, Daniel S. Antonelo, Juan F. M. Gómez, Camylla P. Monteiro, Enzo M. Ribeiro1,
Daniela A. Vaco, Rodrigo S. Goulart, Jaime U. Tarouco, Paulo R. Leme, Saulo L. Silva

5. Effects of Photostimulation on Skeletal Muscle Weight and Histidine-Containing
Dipeptide Content in Japanese Quail

Ai Egusa, Kanako Mayumi, Mamoru Totsuka, Jun-ichi Shiraishi, Nobuhiro Nakao

6. Interconnected molecular pathways are involved, in a pH-dependent manner, in the
concomitant appearance of the 110 and 30 kDa proteolytic fragments during beef

Mohammed Gagaoua, Declan Troy, Anne Maria Mullen

7. Protein profile in longissimus thoracics muscle from zebu cattle reveals a protein that
may be related to intramuscular collagen solubility

Taiane Martins, Mirele Poleti, Pollyana Garbossa, Adrielle Ferrinho, Alessandra Bridi, Hellencris Rocha, Ana Giulia do Barco, Tamyres Amorim, Julian Muñoz, Juliana Silva, Annelise Lobo, Lenise Mueller, Hugo Reis, Letícia Stella1, Fernando Baldi, Saulo Silva, Júlio Cesar Balieiro, Juliano Silveira, Angélica Pereira

8. Influence of sex class of feedlot crossbred Angus x Nellore cattle on post-mortem
proteolysis and beef tenderness

Pollyana Garbossa, Mirele Poleti, Taiane Martins, Hellencris Rocha, Tamyres de Amorim, Ana Giuliado do Barco, Hugo dos Reis, Letícia Augusta Stella, Lenise Mueller, Adrielle Ferrinho, Julian AndrésMuñoz, Júlio Cesar Balieiro, Angélica Simone Pereira

9. Effect of postmortem vacuum-packaged time on meat quality during chilled storage

Yingxin Zhao, Li Chen, Zhenyu Wang, Chengli Hou, Xin Li, Fei Fang, Xiaochun Zheng, Xu Wang, Yejun Zhang, Dequan Zhang

10. Does cutting of pork carcasses before rigor mortis affects the shape of products and
meat quality ?

Marchen Hviid, Marc Moeskær

11. Nitrogen content in pectoralis major muscle from Ross 308 broilers with or without
wooden breast

Marchen Hviid

12. Bioinformatics analyses to characterize how proteome regulates metabolome and its
impact on muscle-specific fresh beef color stability

F. Kiyimba, S. P. Suman, P. Joseph, A. Abraham, G. G. Mafi1, R. Ramanathan

13. In silico bioinformatics analyses reveals the structural and functional characterization of
protein G3N0V0 differentially abundant in dark-cutting beef

Frank Kiyimba, Steven Hartson, Gretchen Mafi, Ranjith Ramanathan

14. Comparative Study of the Blood Amino Acid Content with Some Fattening Parameters
of Duroc Breed Boars

Nikita Kolesnik, Danila Plotnikov, Anna Belous, Nadezhda Bogolyubova, Sergey Zaitsev

15. Oleic acid supplementation up-regulates transcript expression of oxidative metabolic
genes in murine isolated muscle fiber

Yusuke Komiya, Shugo Iseki, Yuto Adachi, Keizo Arihara

16. Nucleic acids as the abundant dietary meat component

Zuzanna Koziara, Agnieszka Bartoszek

17. Effects of acetylation on dissociation and phosphorylation of actomyosin in ovine
muscle during incubation at 4 °C in vitro

Yejun Zhang, Xin Li, Dequan Zhang

18. Meta-analysis of the relationship between collagen characteristics and beef tenderness

Xiying Li, Minh Ha, Robyn Warner, Frank Dunshea

19. Mixing horned and disbudded bulls during rearing: effects on post-mortem muscle
proteome and related biochemical pathways

Rabiaa Ben Mbarek, Mohammed Gagaoua, Ruth Hamill, Brigitte Picard, Joseph Kerry, Anne Maria Mullen, Anna-Maria Reiche, Paolo Silacci, Claudia Terlouw

20. Biochemical and textural changes in beef from bulls and steers of different crossbreeds
shortly after slaughter and during ageing

Julia Bogdanowicz, Monika Modzelewska-Kapituła, Wacław Mozolewski

21. Changes in Shear Force after 3 weeks of carcass ageing of retail cuts from Bruna dels
Pirineus breed

Núria Panella-Riera, Marta Gil, M. Angels Oliver, Maria Font-i-Furnols

22. Comparison of machine learning algorithms to identify metabolomics features for
predictive modeling of beef color

Ranjith Ramanathan, Sathyanarayanan Aakur, Anjana Suresh, Anupam Abraham, Frank Kiyimba, Gretchen Mafi

23. Differential microRNA expression in skeletal muscle from dark cutting beef carcasses

Penny Riggs

24. Finishing regime and growth rate change fresh beef color attributes independent of
postmortem metabolism and ultimate pH

Juan F. Morales Gómez; Mariane Beline, Daniel S. Antonelo, Laila T. Kirkpatrick, Bruna Pavan, Danilo Brito, Rodrigo S. Goulart, Ana Julia Amaral, Daniela Álvares Vasco, Enzo Manzano Ribeiro, David E. Gerrard, Saulo L. Silva

25. Bioimpedance measurements as a tool for evaluating emerging meat defects in pork

Paweł Suliga, Sisay Mebre, Bjørg Egelandsdal, Ole Alvseike, Daniel Münch

26. Native beef MMP-2 may contribute to postmortem collagen degradation in extended
aged beef

Amelia Welter, Emily Verrill, Larissa Koulicoff, Michael Chao

27. Effect of energy metabolism and proteolysis on the toughness of intermediate ultimate
pH beef

Yan Zhao, Xiao Kong, Xiaoyin Yang, Lixian Zhu, Rongrong Liang, Xin Luo, Liang Zhang, David L Hopkins, Yanwei Mao, Yimin Zhang

28. Molecular mechanisms in early post mortem muscle contributing to the development of
beef flavour and associated biomarkers as revealed by shotgun proteomics

Yao Zhu, Ruth M. Hamill, Anne Maria Mullen, Alan Kelly, Mohammed Gagaoua

Animal welfare vs. Human Welfare

  1. The psychology, history and evolution of Halal meat consumption

Abdulatef Ahhmed, Alfitory Naser, Hasan Yetim, Ryoichi Sakata

2. A pilot study investigating the air velocity inside a transport vehicle for pigs during

Joanna Klaaborg, Dorte Lene Schrøder-Petersen

3. Determination and evaluation of bruises on bovine carcasses in a slaughterhouse in the
Ñuble region, Chile

Letelier R., Gädicke P., Barraza I., Espinoza H., González F.

4. Influence of grazing intensity on behavioural reactivity, pre-slaughter physiology and
meat characteristics in horned beef heifers

Anna-Maria Reiche, Paolo Silacci, Frigga Dohme-Meier, Claudia Terlouw

5. Overall assessment of broilers’ welfare at slaughterhouse and on farms rearing

Sónia Saraiva, Sara Santos, Cristina Saraiva

6. Feasibility of different inert gases for stunning process of rabbit: Impact on meat quality
and physiological traits

Shahbubul Muhammad Alam, Dong Heon Song, Sun Moon Kang, Soo Hyon Cho, Inho Hwang, Kuk-Hwan Seol

7. Evaluation of a scheme based on welfare indicators in heavy pigs at abattoir

Emanuela Zanardi, Silvio De Luca, Adriana Ianieri, Antonio Marco Maisano, Federico Scali, Giovanni Loris Alborali, Sergio Ghidini

8. Impacts of a simulated heatwave on physiological responses, and retail meat quality of
crossbred lambs

Minghao Zhang, Frank R. Dunshea, Robyn D. Warner, Kristy DiGiacomo, Aleena Joy, Archana Abhijith, Pragna Prathap, Ting Ma, Surinder S. Chauhan

Bioactive Compounds from and for Meat

  1. Effect of the incorporation of a cheese whey hydrolyzate on the lipid oxidation of
    cooked ham

Roberto Bermudez, Noemi Echegaray, Paulo E.S. Munekata, Rubén Domínguez, Márcio Vargas- Ramella, Daniel Franco, Mirian Pateiro, Jose M. Lorenzo

2. Evaluation of sensory characteristics of cooked ham stored in active packaging with
antioxidant compounds

Sol Zamuz, Roberto Bermudez, Paulo E.S. Munekata, Noemi Echegaray, Márcio Vargas-Ramella, Ruben Dominguez, Daniel Franco, Mirian Pateiro, Jose M. Lorenzo

3. Angiotensin I-converting enzyme inhibitory and antioxidant activity of trout meat
protein subjected to digestion

Justyna Borawska-Dziadkiewicz, Małgorzata Darewicz

4. Obtention of zinc-protoporphyrin from porcine liver pre-treated with pulsed electric

Paula Borrajo, José M. Lorenzo, Roberto Bermúdez, Paulo E.S. Munekata, Rubén Domínguez, Mirian Pateiro, Daniel Franco

5. Evaluation of the antioxidant and antimicrobial activity of rosemary (Rosmarinus
officinalis L.) preparations in meat balls from “Baader” meat

Elżbieta Hać-Szymańczuk, Aneta Cegiełka, Marta Chmiel, Dorota Pietrzak

6.Effects of buckwheat hull extracts on lipid oxidation, color and sensory characteristics
of chicken meatballs during refrigerated storage

Adam Zwolan, Lech Adamczak, Marta Chmiel, Aneta Cegiełka, Tomasz Florowski, Joanna Bryś, Dorota Pietrzak

7. Influence of the addition of turmeric on the color and texture parameters of healthy
beef pâté

Rubén Domínguez, Mirian Pateiro,, Noemi Echegaray, Roberto Bermúdez, Márcio Vargas-Ramella, Paulo E.S. Munekata, José M. Lorenzo

8. Use of turmeric as natural antioxidant in healthy beef pâté: Effect on lipid oxidation and
lineal aldehydes

Rubén Domínguez, Mirian Pateiro, Noemi Echegaray, Roberto Bermúdez, Márcio Vargas-Ramella,Paulo E.S. Munekata, José M. Lorenzo

9. Stabilization of oxidative processes in functional cooked sausages by optimization of
incorporated biologically active substances

Nikolay Kolev, Desislava Vlahova-Vangelova, Desislav Balev, Stefan Dragoev

10. Physicochemical properties of beef ‘salchichón’ elaborated with vegetable oil and
turmeric extract

Sol Zamuz, José M. Lorenzo, Rubén Domínguez, Mirian Pateiro, Noemi Echegaray, Roberto
Bermúdez, Márcio Vargas-Ramella, Paulo E.S. Munekata, Daniel Franco

11. Acerola as a source of plant-derived antioxidants in homogenized sausages

Dominika Gubała, Władysław Migdał

12. The peptidomic approach to identifying peptides with dipeptydyl peptidase-iv
inhibiting activity from dry-cured pork loins

Paulina Kęska, Joanna Stadnik

13. Effect of dried barley spent grains on the quality of deli-type chicken meat product

Małgorzata Korzeniowska, Karolina Puchala-Mielczarek

14. Effect of peptide extract from beef myofibrillar protein on oxidative stress in the brains
of spontaneously hypertensive rats

Seung Yun Lee, Da Young Lee, Ji Hyeop Kang, Dong Hoon Oh, Jae Won Jeong, Jae Hyeon Kim, Hyun Woo Kim, Sun Jin Hur

15. Effect of turmeric addition on colour and lipid oxidation of beef meatballs

Jose M. Lorenzo, Roberto Bermudez, Paulo E.S. Munekata, Noemí Echegaray, Marcio Vargas-Ramella, Ruben Dominguez, Mirian Pateiro, Daniel Franco

16. Extending the shelf-life of pork patties using protein hydrolysates obtained from
porcine liver

Jose Manuel Lorenzo, Paula Borrajo, Roberto Bermúdez, Paulo E.S. Munekata, Ruben Dominguez, Mirian Pateiro, Daniel Franco

17. Antioxidant properties of ‘Algarrobo blanco’ (Prosopis alba Griseb.) extracts and their
applications to lamb burgers preservation.

Silvana C. Ruiz, Sandra L. Martínez, Alberto González-Mohino, Mario Estévez, David Morcuende

18. Effect of turmeric content in the sensory attributes of beef fermented sausage

Paulo Munekata, Laura Purriños, Roberto Bermúdez, Noemi Echegaray, Márcio Vargas-Ramella, Rubén Domínguez, Mirian Pateiro, Daniel Franco, José M. Lorenzo

19. Sensory evaluation of pro-healthy beef meatballs with increasing levels of turmeric

Paulo Munekata, Sol Zamuz, Laura Purriños, Roberto Bermúdez, Noemi Echegaray, Márcio Vargas- Ramella, Rubén Domínguez, Mirian Pateiro, Daniel Franco, José M. Lorenzo

20. Effect of carnosine on ATP hydrolysis by actomyosin under acidic conditions

Minami Okada, Jun-ichi Wakamatsu, Haruto Kumura, Toru Hayakawa

21. Effects of the addition of tropical edible seaweed on the physicochemical properties
and lipid oxidation of chicken sausage

Wolyna Pindi, Elisha Munsu, Patricia Matanjun, Noorakmar Ab Wahab, Hana Mohd Zaini, Nurul Shaeera Sulaiman

22. Effect of pomegranate juice filtrate on textural, physicochemical and microbial quality
of chevon from mature goat

Nikheel B. Rathod, Mohini R. Jadhav, Rahul C. Ranveer, Anil S. Nandane, Surendra B. Patange

23. The incorporation of a pomegranate peel extract in the formulation of dry sausages
without added nitrites protects proteins from oxidation during in vitro digestion

Guadalupe Lavado Rodas, Irene Moreno Montero, Nieves Higuero Fernández, Ramón Cava López

24. Antimicrobial effect of Agaricus blazei extract on – patties during chilled storage

Brisa de Mar Torres-Martínez, Rey David Vargas-Sánchez, Gastón R. Torrescano-Urrutia, Nelson Huerta-Leidenz, Félix Joel Ibarra-Arias, Armida Sánchez-Escalante

25. Preliminary assessment of Feruloylated arabinoxylans as functional ingredients on
physicochemical properties of Frankfurt sausages

Brisa de Mar Torres-Martínez, Carlos Sampieri-Jiménez, María de los Ángeles de la Rosa-Alcaraz, Rey David Vargas-Sánchez, Elizabeth Carvajal-Millán, Nelson Huerta-Leidenz, Armida Sánchez-Escalante, Gastón R. Torrescano-Urrutia

26.The potential mediation of peroxiredoxin 6 in the activation of mitochondriondependent
apoptosis during early postmortem of bovine muscle

Xinyi Wang, Yimin Zhang, Lixian Zhu, Pengcheng Dong, Xiaoyin Yang, Rongrong Liang, Yanwei Mao, Xin Luo,

27. Effect of heat treatment on the content of histidine dipeptides in goose meat

Adam Więk, Wacław Mozolewski, Sylwester Rybaczek, Beata Piłat

28. Antioxidant and other activities of peptides from canned meat fortifited with willow
herb (Epilobium angustyfolium L.)

Karolina Ferysiuk, Karolina Wójciak, Paulina Kęska

29. Dry-curing ham derived peptide (Asp-Leu-Glu-Glu) regulated the antioxidant enzymes
activities in Caco-2 cells

Lujuan Xing, Wangang Zhang

30. The anti-inflammatory effects of dry-curing ham derived bioactive peptides

Lujuan Xing, Lijuan Fu, Wangang Zhang

31. Comparison of DMHF generated by the Maillard reaction in various cooked meats

Issei Yokoyama, Motoko Ohata, Yusuke Komiya, Jun Nagasao, Keizo Arihara

Consumer Trends and Food Waste Reduction

  1. Protein source or its value? Consumers’ perception of the importance of attributes of
    meat(-like) product

Marcin Antoniak, Andrzej Szymkowiak

2. Consumer response towards skatole and androstenone in meat from entire males

Rikke Bonnichsen

3. Effect of information on consumers’ sensory evaluation of beef, plant-based and hybrid
beef burgers

Simona Grasso, Rachel Smith, Natalia Mansilla

4. European consumer preferences for hybrid meat products

Simona Grasso, Daniele Asioli, Rachel Smith

5. Consumer preferences for sheep meat in the Tiaret region of Algeria

Hafidh Zemour, Mohamed Sadoud

6. Factors influencing consumer assessment of wet and dry aged Merino cull ewe meat
eating quality

Melindee Hastie, Minh Ha, Robin Jacob, Graham Hepworth, Damir Torrico, Robyn Warner

7. Analysis on consumer’s evaluation of pork appearance depending on the pork cuts

Yee Eun Lee, Hyun Jung Lee, Minsu Kim, Ji Won Yoon, Minkyung Ryu, Cheorun Jo

8. Towards improving carcass classification for the canadian dark-cutting beef: consumer
sensory evaluation

Zeb Pietrasik, Jennifer Aalhus, Oscar Lopez-Campos, Argenis Rodas-González, Nuria Prieto

9. Analysis of the perception of intrinsic and extrinsic attributes of beef in the city of
Chillán, Chile

Letelier R., González F., Vial G., Espinoza H., Gädicke P.

10. Importance of marbling for the prediction of beef eating quality in France and Europe

Jingjing Liu, Jérôme Normand, Grzegorz Pogorzelski, Alix Neveu, Isabelle Legrand, Christophe Denoyelle, David Pethick, Marie-Pierre Ellies-Oury, Jean-Francois Hocquette

11. The Role of Environmental Concern in Explaining the Intention to Reduce Meat

Andrzej Szymkowiak, Barbara Borusiak, Barbara Kucharska, Jana Gálová, Anna Mravcová

12. Meat Content and Its Definition

Tomáš Vlčko, Jozef Golian

13. Estimation of sensory difference threshold for emulsified fat in chicken broth

Genya Watanabe, Shota Ishida, Michiyo Motoyama, Keigo Takita, Ikuyo Nakajima, Atsushi Tajima, Keisuke Sasaki

14. Consumer studies on the eating quality of Welsh lamb

Linda Farmer, Eleri Thomas, Elizabeth Swancott, John Richards, Terence Hagan, David Sanderson, Alan Gordon

Emerging Technologies in Meat Processing

  1. Development of sensors for rapid on-line slaughterhouse detection of boar taint – an
    approach based on the analysis of VOC profiles

Clément Burgeon

2. Is the desinewed meat mechanically separated meat?

Krzysztof Dasiewicz, Mirosław Słowiński, Aneta Cegiełka

3. Use of Nix colorimeter to detect the pale, soft, and exudative (PSE) meat in Ontario
broiler flocks and look at the effects of chilling methods

Sunoh Che, Leonardo Susta, Shai Barbut

4. Using TD-NMR relaxometry to assess the presence and degree of severity of myopathy
in broiler breast tissue

Nara Regina B. Cônsolo, Luis C.G.S. Barbosa, Tiago B. Moraes, Luiz A. Colnago, Cristiane S. da S. Araujo, Guilherme F. Silva, Lucio F. Araujo

5. Comparison of methods to validate the prediction of ham and belly composition by
magnetic induction scanner

Gerard Daumas, Mathieu Monziols, Juan Manuel Rodriguez, Jacobo Álvarez-Garcia, David Causeur

6. Classification of nitrate/ nitrite levels in bacon using hyperspectral imaging

David Farrell, Alan Gordon, Tony Duffy, Trudi Scott

7. Application of Raman spectroscopy for fatty acid and boar taint determination

Maria Font-i-Furnols, Irene Peñaranda, Macarena Egea, Nuria Panella-Riera, M. Dolores Garrido, M. Belen Linares, M. Belen Lopez

8. Preliminary investigation into the prediction of eating quality of lamb loin using Raman

Stephanie Fowler, Benjamin Holman, Matthew Newell, Gordon Refshauge, Richard Hayes, Stephen Morris, David Hopkins

9. Validation of models to predict the intramuscular fat content of lamb loin

Stephanie Fowler, Stephen Morris, Suzanne Mortimer, David Hopkins

10. Dry-cured ham stuffing using radio frequency and its effect on texture

Elena Fulladosa, Adriana Illana, Alejandro Olmos, Israel Muñoz

11. Artificial tenderization of camel meat using Algerian endemic plant proteases
(ficin, capparin and calotropain) recovered using Three Phase Partitioning system: a
sustainable development example

Mohammed Gagaoua, Amira Leila Dib, Melisa Lamri, Nedjoua Lakhdara

12. Sensory Evaluation of Cured Raw Hams after Injection of Staphylococcus Equorum
Strains During Production

Monika Gibis, Ramona Bosse, Mathias Wolz, Jochen Weiss

13. New natural preservation ingredients: Challenges and opportunities

Catalin Iancu, Laura Vilches-Bazaga, Gijs Lommerse, Karin Beekmann-Metselaar, Saurabh Kumar

14. Antimicrobial properties of furcellaran-chitosan coatings with bioactive peptides and its
effect on the microbial counts of cold stored smoked ham

Ewelina Jamróz, Piotr Kulawik, Magdalena Janik, Vedran Milosavljević, Paulina Guzik, Joanna Tkaczewska, Wondyfraw Tadele

15. Evaluation of biopolymer coating solutions enriched in bioactive peptides as materials
for extensions of microbiological quality of fish

Magdalena Janik, Piotr Kulawik, Ewelina Jamróz, Paulina Guzik, Vedran Milosavljević, Marzena Zając, Joanna Tkaczewska, Rafał Szram, Wondyfraw Tadele

16. The effects of post-mortem storage and innovative processing technologies on
cathepsin activities in meat

Lovedeep Kaur, Feng Ming Chian, Mariero Gawat, Seah-Xin Hui, Mike Boland

17. Dissociation effect of chicken actomyosin by inosinic acid and its related compounds

Yutaro Kobayashi, Masanori Matsuishi

18. Evaluation of antimicrobiological effectiveness of edible biopolymer coatings with
bioactive peptides applied on cold stored pork loin

Piotr Kulawik, Ewelina Jamróz, Paulina Guzik, Magdalena Janik, Wondyfraw Tadele, Vedran Milosavljević, Sara Gökdeniz, Serkan Kaya

19. Rapid detection of multiple meat quality parameters based on near infrared

Li Chen Li, Xiao Chun Zheng, Meng Yuan Ma, De Quan Zhang

20. Effect of high hydrostatic pressure with reduced content of sodium chloride and sodium
phosphate on the physicochemical properties of chicken meat gels

Anastasiia Maksimenko, Ryo Kikuchi, Satomi Tsutsuura, Tadayuki Nishiumi

21. Combined effect of pomegranate extract and high pressure on the evolution of
instrumental color of Iberian dry-cured sausages during refrigerated storage

Irene Moreno, Guadalupe Lavado, Nieves Higuero, Ramón Cava

22. Evaluation of shelf life of ginger powder injected biceps femoris under sous vide
cooking and extended refrigerated storage

Zahra. B. Naqvi, Peter. C. Thomson, Michael. A. Campbell, Michael A. Friend

23. Ciona as potential salt replacer in pork burgers

Mirian Pateiro, Fredrik Norén, Roberto Bermúdez, Paulo E.S. Munekata, Rubén Domínguez, José M. Lorenzo

24. Effect of ultrasound treated food ingredients as phosphate replacers in Irish breakfast

Karthikeyan Palanisamy Thangavelu, Brijesh Tiwari, Joseph P. Kerry, Carlos Álvarez

25. Hyperspectral Imaging of deboned hams: determination of relevant areas for the
prediction of water holding capacity

Antoine Vautier, Thierry Lhommeau, Ronan Le Page

26. Study on the effect of low energy electron beam irradiation on the quality and shelf life
of beef

Wenjing Wei, Xibin Zhang, Hao Shi, Xinyi Wang, Yujiao Zhang, Jinglin Wang, Yimin Zhang, Xin Luo, Yanwei Mao

27. The biological effect of a beef derived Lactobacillus sakei on beef steaks during chilled

Huixuan Yang, Xin Luo, Lixian Zhu, Rongrong Liang, Yanwei Mao, Xiaoyin Yang, Pengcheng Dong, Yimin Zhang

28. Effects of ultrasound on the properties of pork protein and fat emulsions

Wangang Zhang, Lei Zhou

29. Effects of ultrasound on the taste compound profile of unsmoked bacon

Wangang Zhang, Jian Zhang

Innovations in Animal Production

  1. The effects of long-term immunocastration on meat quality traits of male Bísaro pigs

Sofia Botelho-Fontela, José António Silva, Cristina Saraiva, Severiano Silva, Gustavo Paixão, Rita Payan-Carreira, Jose M. Lorenzo, Alexandra Esteves

2. The effect of immunoscatration and supplementary feeding level on m. longissimus
lumborum quality of farmed fallow deer (Dama dama)

Daniel Bureš, Tersia Needham, Luděk Bartoň, Nicole Lebedová, Veit Ny, Francisco Ceacero, Radim Kotrba, Louwrens Hoffman

3. Using TD-NMR relaxometry to evaluate tenderness of Nellore beef

Nara R.B. Cônsolo, Juliana Silva, Vicente L.M. Buarque, Paul H. Maclean, Tiago B. Moraes, Luis C.G.S. Barbosa, Luiz A. Colnago, Saulo L. Silva

4. High quality sustainable beef from the dairy sector: dairy cows and crossbred calves

Fie Følbæk Drachmann, Pernille Hougaard Jensen, Mogens Vestergaard, Margrethe Therkildsen

5. Effect of dietary fat and fibre on pig-house odour

Linda Farmer, Terence Hagan, Elizabeth Ball, David Sanderson, Ramon Muns, Alan Gordon, Violet Beattie, Ursula O’Neill, Sam Smyth, Rosanna Wreger

6. Polymorphism g.158093018 A>T within rabbit IGFBP5 gene influence pH value after
24h chilling

Łukasz Migdał, Anna Migdał, Michał Kmiecik, Sylwia Pałka, Ewelina Semik-Gurgul, Agnieszka Otwiniwska-Mindur, Władysław Migdał, Józef Bieniek

7. Shear force and pH of meat of White New Zealand rabbits fed on feed partially replaced
by biscuit

Marco Antonio Trindade, Jennifer Machado de Souza, Luciana Ruggeri Menezes Gotardo, Letícia Zanichelli de Oliveira, Isabele Trementossi Castilho, Heloísa Valarine Battagin, Ingra Giovanna Soares Perez

8. Impact of rabbit genotype and farming temperature on meat quality traits

Marco Cullere, Zsolt Matics, Zsolt Szendrő, Zsolt Gerencsér, Antonella Dalle Zotte

9. Body composition of pork carcasses slaughtered at the same age as influenced by high
ambient temperature

Gerard Daumas, Mathieu Monziols, Aira-Maye Serviento, David Renaudeau

10. Muscle content of pork carcasses and cuts as influenced by restricted feeding or amino
acid deficiency

Gerard Daumas, Mathieu Monziols, Nathalie Quiniou

11. Simulation of the impact of an increased proportion of entire male pigs on the
composition of pork cuts

Gerard Daumas, Mathieu Monziols

12. Characteristics of bellies from immunocastrated and entire female and castrated male
duroc pigs

Maria Font-i-Furnols, Albert Brun, Juan Florencio Tejeda, Albano Michela, Begonya Marcos, Marina Gispert

13. Physicochemical characteristics and fatty acid composition of meat from foals reared in
a rotational grazing system

Olalla López-Fernández, Laura Cutillas, Rubén Domínguez, Mirian Pateiro, Laura Purriños, Roberto Bermúdez, Daniel Franco, José M. Lorenzo

14. Inclusion of intact Saccharina latissima to finishing lamb diet improved micronutrient
content in the meat

Vladana Grabež, Liv Torunn Mydland, Alemayehu Kidane, Margareth Øverland, Per Berg, Elena Fulladosa, Elena Coll, Bjørg Egelandsdal

15. Meat quality of lambs fed BSF larvae as a protein source

Huiling Huang

16. The changes in metabolites in the breast of chicken broilers with different rearing
environments and refrigerated storage

Doo Yeon Jung, Dongheon Lee, Aera Jang, Hee Jin Kim, Hyun Jung Lee, Cheorun Jo

17. Different assumption way of limonene in kids can affect their oxidative status and meat

Aristide Maggiolino, Michele Faccia, David Hopkins, Giuseppe Natrella, Francesco Giannico, Pasquale De Palo

18. Chondroitin sulfate and manganese dietary supplementation affects the
physicochemical quality of broiler meat

Julian Andrés Muñoz, Taiane Martins, Tainara Aparecida Sant’Ana, Pollyana Garbossa, Lenise Mueller, Adrielle , Gabriella de Moura, Ingrid Harumi Fuzikawa, Jessica Luana Gemelli, Tamyres de Amorim, Hellencris Rocha, Ester Fabricio, Gustavo Correr, Mirele Poleti, Cristiane Araujo, Angélica Simone Pereira

19. Cytokine based Inflammatory Bowel Disease – Ulcerative Colitis clearance using

Sungkwon Park, Sivasubramanian Ramani

20. Protective effects of Lactobacillus casei strains on growth performance, serum
inflammatory cytokines, and fecal microflora of deoxynivalenol exposed mice

Sungkwon Park, Jin Young Jeong, Neeraja Recharla

21. Beef palatability and volatile compounds from barley, corn and blended grain-fed
cattle: a qualitative approach

Wilson Barragán-Hernández, Michael E.R. Dugan, Jennifer Aalhus, Gregory Penner, Payam Vahmani, Oscar Lopez-Campos, Manuel Juarez, Jose Segura, Liliana Mahecha-Ledesma, Nuria Prieto

22. AI enhanced Precision Livestock Farming (PLF) is the next step in farm animal
management for optimal productivity and animal welfare

Dorte Schrøder-Petersen, Joanna Klaaborg, Rikke Bonnichsen

Meat Processing from Food Additives and Process Optimisation to Robotics and Automation

  1. Dry-aging beef: dehydration dynamics in varying meat geometries

Sara Álvarez, Carlos Álvarez, Ruth Hamill, Eileen O’Neill, Anne Maria Mullen

2. Optimitzation of ZnPP-forming conditions in porcine livers using response surface
methodology (RSM)

Ricard Bou, Mar Lauger, Michela Albano, Elvira Tenorio

3. Utilization of soybean post-production waste as an antioxidant additive in pork meat

Hana Derbew, Marzena Zając, Joanna Tkaczewska, Ewelina Jamróz

4. Effect of cooked beetroot juice and tomato paste in the color of nitrite-free cooked ham

Tiago Durães, João Santos, Fernando Nunes, Fernanda Cosme, Luis Patarata

5. Extreme dry-aging (110 days) of longissimus lumborum from 5-years old cow: Sensory
approach using “Check all that applies” (CATA)

Cristina Morillo, Sonia Ventanas, Josue Delgado, Francis Refolio, Alberto García-Mohíno, Mario Estevez

6. Objective carcass grading for bovine animals based on carcass length

Andrew Heggli, Lars Erik Gangsei, Morten Røe, Ole Arne Alvseike, Hilde Vinje

7. Has high rigor temperature become a problem in South African abattoirs?

Michelle Hope-, Phillip Strydom, Nthabiseng Masemola

8. Improving redness in nitrite-free pâté using ZnPP-rich ingredients

Mar Llauger, Adrià Maldonado, Anna Claret, Luis Guerrero, Jacint Arnau, Ricard Bou

9. Influence of acid whey addition on physicochemical properties in the production of
organic raw maturing beef ham

Anna Okoń, Piotr Szymański, Anna Łepecka, Bartłomiej Ruda, Zbigniew J. Dolatowski

10. Protein extraction aids salt swelling of pork meat

Peter Purslow, Laura Pouzo, Maria Ines Palacio, Eero Puolanne

11. The effect of NO-synthase and/or arginine on color changes and forms of hemoglobin

Marzena Zając, Krzysztof Zając

12. The effect of dry tomato and lingonberry on the color of pork meat formulations

Marzena Zając, Marcelina Grzebyk

13. Effect of temperature and cooking time on the toughness of previously tumbled beef

Konan Charles N’gatta, Raphael Favier, Jacques Rouel, Alain Kondjoyan, Dominique Gruffat, Pierre-Sylvain Mirade

14. Effect of tumbling time on raw beef of intermediate initial tenderness

Konan Charles N’gatta, Raphael Favier, Jacques Rouel, Alain Kondjoyan, Annie Venien, Thierry Astruc, Dominique Gruffat, Pierre-Sylvain Mirade

15. Effect of the application of pulsed electric field on the free amino acid profile of porcine

Paula Borrajo, Roberto Bermúdez, Paulo E.S. Munekata, Laura Purriños, Rubén Domínguez, Mirian Pateiro, Daniel Franco, José M. Lorenzo

16. Search for new sites for predicting the composition of pork cuts

Gerard Daumas, Mathieu Monziols, David Causeur

17. Potential of a low-cost NIR spectrometer and a hyperspectral imaging system for the
prediction of the main quality parameters of beef steaks during cold storage

Maria del Mar Giró-Candanedo, Joel González, Josep Comaposada, Elena Fulladosa, Gamal ElMasry

18. Phosphate Elimination in Emulsified Meat Products: Impact of different Proteins on
Quality Characteristics

Olivier Goemaere, Ilse Fraeye

19. Evaluation of physical properties of beef according to part characteristics

Yuriko Iwamura, Masako Ota, Kazuhito Obara

20. Evaluation of cooking methods of pork belly and collar butt for Korean seniors

Sun Moon Kang, Ah Ran Maeng, KooK-Hwan Seol, Soohyun Cho

21. Chia seed mucilage as fat replacer in beef patties: Effects of technological properties

Özlem Yüncü, Hülya Serpil Kavuşan, Meltem Serdaroğlu

22. The Effects of Using Arugula Extract or pre-converted Arugula Extract as Nitrite Source
in Heat Treated Fermented Sausages

Burcu Sarı, Hilal Can, Hülya Serpil Kavuşan, Meltem Serdaroglu

23. The effect of fish oil addition on the fatty acid profile and consumer acceptability of
poultry sausages

Krzysztof Kawecki, Jerzy Stangierski, Piotr Konieczny, Jacek Niedźwiedź

24. Effect of added l irradiated black pepper (Piper Nigrum) on quality characteristics and
shelf – life of mortadella

Vladimir Kitanovski, Azis Pollozhani, Nora Limani Bekteshi, Olga Popovska, Sani Demiri, Irina Mladenoska, Hristina Spasevska, Slobodan Masic

25. Eating Quality of Aged Pork Loins is reduced in High Oxygen Modified Atmosphere
packaging compared to Vacuum Packaging

Michelle LeMaster, Robyn Warner, Frank Dunshea, Minh Ha

26. Volatile profile of dry- and wet-aged Australian beef loin and its relationship with
consumer flavour liking

Zhenzhao Li, Minh Ha, Damian Frank, Robyn Warner

27. Effects of electric, microwave and superheated steam methods of cooking on non- and
volatile compounds of roasted mutton

Huan Liu, Dequan Zhang, Zhenyu Wang, Teng Hui

28. Millet grains as a support for immobilization of probiotic bacteria in fermented sausage

Marilia Malvezzi, Sthefany Santos, Kaliane Oliveira, Maria Eugênia Pinto, Renata Macedo

29. Effect of texturized pea protein and protein isolates on the textural properties of
blended beef patties

Xinyu Miao, Minh Ha, Robyn Warner

30. The application of computer vision system in meat science and industry

Monika Modzelewska-Kapituła, Soojin Jun

31. The effect of the storage method on the quality of game meat

Natalia Kasałka-Czarna1, Róża Biegańska-Marecik2, Magdalena Montowska1

32. Computer vision systems (CVS) to predict composition of primal and retail cuts of
youthful beef carcasses

Jose Segura, Jennifer Aalhus, Ivy Larsen, Nuria Prieto, Haley Scott, Manuel Juárez, Oscar López-Campos

33. Convolutional neural networks for the prediction of cattle age using x-ray images of

José Segura, Jennifer L. Aalhus, Ivy L. Larsen, Nuria Prieto, Haley Scott, Arun Kommadath, Manuel Juárez, Ken Vanderwekken, Óscar López-Campos

34. Quality characteristics of phosphate free restructured turkey steaks formulated with
eggshell calcium powder and holly oak extract

Damla Tabak, Meltem Serdaroglu

35. Effects of liquid smoke on red color formation and antimicrobial activity in the cured

Shiro Takeda, Yuki Kinoshita, Kazutoshi Sugita, Jumpei Uchiyama, Wataru Mizunoya, Ryoichi Sakata

36. Improving the quality of beef from Holstein-Friesian bulls by different marinades

Katarzyna Tkacz, Monika Modzelewska-Kapituła, Massimiliano Petracci, Weronika Zduńczyk

37. Application of dried carrot pulp as a clean-label phosphate replacer in beef patties

Ciara K. McDonnell, Adam G. Fitzgerald, Paul Burt, Troy Hudgson, Aarti B. Tobin

38. Can extra bacteria give lamb meat extra shelf-life?

Michelle Xu, Mandeep Kaur, Christopher Pillidge, Peter Torley

39. Boar taint masking on marinade inyected meathttps://digicomst.ie/wp-content/uploads/2023/05/Session-7_39_2021.pdf

Elvira Zapata, Irene Peñaranda, Macarena Egea, Celia Iniesta, Núria Panella-Riera, Maria Font-i-Furnols, M. Belén López, M. Belén Linares, M. Dolores Garrido

40. Effect of vegetal fibre on texture and colour of fat reduced dry cured Spanish sausages

Irene Peñaranda, Daniel Álvarez, Celia María Iniesta1, Macarena Egea1, M. Belén Lopez, Elvira Zapata, M. Dolores Garrido, M. Belén Linares

Nutritional Quality of Meat, Meat Analogues and the Available Alternatives

  1. Physicochemical characteristics of ostrich meat (struthio camelus) as influenced by its
    muscle type

Sher Ali4, Asif Ali, Kashif Nauman, Muhammad Nadeem, Bilal Asghar, Muhammad Ammar, Jamal Nasir

2. Predicting protein quality of Mediterranean Buffalo meat by the determination of
collagen content

Alberto Brugiapaglia, Sara Bellezza Oddon, Ilaria Biasato, Liliana Di Stasio

3. Effect of breed on meat quality parameters of Navarre autochthonous foals

Aurora Cittadini1, M. Victoria Sarriés1, Roberto Bermúdez2, José M. Lorenzo2

4. Effect of finishing diet on fatty acid profile of Jaca Navarra foals

Aurora Cittadini, M. Victoria Sarriés, Mirian Pateiro, Laura Purriños, José M. Lorenzo

5. Vegeterian “sausages” with the addition of grape flour

Dani Dordevic, Lenka Havlova, Hana Buchtova, Patrik Benes, Johana Zemancova, Karolina Tesikova, Simona Jancikova, Bohuslava

6. Effect of the use of chestnuts in the finishing diet of Celta pig on the free fatty acid

Noemí Echegaray, Roberto Bermúdez, Paulo E.S. Munekata, Márcio Vargas-Ramella, Rubén Domínguez, Javier Carballo, José M. Lorenzo

7. Inclusion of the chestnut on the finishing diet of Celta pig: Influence on total amino acid

Noemí Echegaray, Roberto Bermúdez, Paulo E.S. Munekata, Márcio Vargas-Ramella, Mirian Pateiro, Javier Carballo, José M. Lorenzo

8. Co-oxidation of meat proteins and glucose during a simulated gastric digestion:
consequences of a severe pro-oxidative environment

Guadalupe Terrón, Jorge Ruiz, Ana Carrapiso, Lourdes Martín, Mario Estevez

9. Variability in fat content and fatty acid composition in selected porcine offal

Paulina Guzik, Piotr Kulawik, Marzena Zając, Władysław Migdał, Rafał Szram

10. Effect of the incorporation of Sea Spaghetti, Himanthalia elongata, on product
functionality and shelf stability in reduced-salt beef burgers

Elena Sofia Inguglia, Michael O’Grady, Halimah O. Mohammed, Maurice O’Sullivan O’Sullivan, Joseph P. Kerry, Ruth M. Hamill

11. Combining meat protein with plant protein in classic Danish meat products

Louise Hofer

12. Comparative studies of selected minerals in the skeletal muscles of fallow deer (Dama
dama) and red deer (Cervus elaphus) from the ecological rearing system

Janusz Kilar, Anna Kasprzyk

13. Oxidized nucleic acids as components potentially responsible for carcinogenic
properties of thermally processed red meat

Anna Koscielak, Karol Parchem, Agnieszka Bartoszek

14. Oxidative stability and quality parameters of veal during ageing

Mojca Kuhar, Iva Zahija, Katja Japelj, Tomaž Polak, Mateja Lušnic Polak, Lea Demšar

15. Fatty acids composition of meat of corriedale lamb and its crossing with merino dohne
lamb, reared exclusively on pasture in uruguay

Juan Jose Lucas, Maria Cristina Cabrera, Ali Saadoun

16. A punicalagin-rich pomegranate supplement counteracts the physiological impairments
caused by the intake of ultra-processed beef in Wistar Rats

Remigio Martínez, Victor Caballero, Silvia Díaz-Velasco, Alexis Arjona, Mario Estévez

17. The intake of ultra-processed beef impairs liver function, serum biochemistry and lipid
deposition in Wistar Rats

Remigio Martínez, María Freire, David Morcuende, Carmen Dueñas, Mario Estévez

18. The level of selected indices of oxidative stress after 5-week supplementation with an
innovative pro-health snack among a group of athletes

Małgorzata Morawska-Tota, Łukasz Tota, Joanna Tkaczewska

19. Characterization of fat from boars with a wide range of androstenone and skatole levels

Nuria Panella-Riera, M. Dolores Garrido, M. Belen Linares, Marta Gil, M. Angels Oliver, Joel Gonzalez Armangué, Isabel Diaz, Macarena Egea, Irene Peñaranda, Maria Font-i-Furnols

20. Effect of replacement of pork backfat fat by microencapsulated fish liver oil on
nutritional profile of pork burgers

Mirian Pateiro, Roberto Bermúdez, Rubén Domínguez, Paulo E.S. Munekata, José M. Lorenzo

21. The Effect of Banana Peel Flour (Saba and Berangan Banana) on Chicken Sausage
Physicochemical Composition and Sensory Acceptance

Wolyna Pindi, Hana Mohd Zaini, Jumardi Bin Roslan, Suryani Binti Saallah, Elisha Munsu, Nurul Shaeera Binti Sulaiman

22. Effect of freezing duration on oxidation of backfat stemming obtained from pigs fed
n-3 PUFA rich diets

Aurélie Promeyrat, Alain Le Roux, Antoine Vautier, Thierry Lhommeau

23. Comparison of quality traits and nutrition components of six retail cuts from female
Hanwoo (Bos Taurus coreanae) with high parities

Dong Heon Song, Hyun Woo Seo, Hoa Van Ba, Soo Hyon Cho, Kuk-Hwan Seol

24. Modelling the contribution of meat to global nutrition

Nick Smith, Andrew Fletcher, Jeremy Hill, Warren McNabb

25. The amino acids profiles of commonly consumed Polish seafood

Wondyfraw Tadele Wonbebo, Piotr Kulawik, Iwona Duda, Joanna Tkaczewska

Safety and Authenticity in Meat Production

  1. Shelf life of Pietrain and Duroc pork bellies packed on high-oxygen modified

Michela Albano, Israel Muñoz, Albert Brun Pujol, Elsa Lloret, Maria Font-i-Furnols, Begonya Marcos Munta

2. Point-of-care extraction and GELFrEE electrophoresis for pork protein fractionation

Rituparna B., Naveena B.M., Subhasish B., Sowmya D., Barbuddhe S.B.1, Patra G., Bhattacharyya D.

3. Microbial Validation of Ethiopian Beef Jerky Formulations with the Inclusion of Dates
and Raisins

Jessica Brown, Gabrielle Allen, Ashley Cavallo, Arie Havelaar, Jason Scheffler

4. Carnobacterium maltaromaticum as a bioprotective culture against spoilage bacteria in
cooked ham

Caroline Cavalari, Pedro Imazaki, Barbara Pirard Pirard, Raphael Vanleyssem, Sarah Lebrun,
Sébastien Crèvecoeur, Georges Daube, Antoine Clinquart, Renata Macedo

5. Changes in the microbiological quality and content of biogenic amines in chicken fillets
packed using various techniques and stored under different conditions

Marta Chmiel, Olga Świder, Elżbieta Hać-Szymańczuk, Aneta Cegiełka, Lech Adamczak, Tomasz Florowski, Dorota Pietrzak, Marcin Bryła, Marek Roszko

6. Discrimination of grass-fed and grain-fed frozen beef using hyperspectral imaging

Cassius E.O. Coombs, Brendan E. Allman, Edward J. Morton, Luciano A. González

7. Salmonella prevalence in dry-fermented sausages from Catalan producers and meat
suppliers, towards legislation compliance

Núria Ferrer-Bustins, Cristina Serra-Castelló, Montserrat Cortada, Laura Cabedo, Sara Bover-Cid, Anna Jofré

8. Total volatile basic nitrogen (TVB-N) and its association to quality and spoilage
parameters for beef

Benjamin Holman, Alaa El-Din Bekhit, David Hopkins

9. Innovative active biodegradable coatings with bioactive peptides based on biopolymer
nanoemulsions for prolonging the shelf-life of meat products

Tomasz Kruk, Ewelina Jamróz, Piotr Kulawik, Magdalena Janik, Paulina Guzik

10. Biogenic amine level and microbial contamination as quality and safety indicators of
dried fish and squid snacks

Jagoda Majcherczyk, Mark Krzemiński, Klaudia Dudziak, Barbara Surówka, Krzysztof Surówka

11. DNA-sequencing is the future of microbial process control in the food industry

Lene Meinert, Birgit Groth Storgaard, Anette Granly Koch

12. Hepatitis E virus is inactivated in liver pâté during heat treatment

Nanna Bygvraa Svenningsen, Anette Granly Koch, Lene Meinert

13. Identification of hemp seed- and meat-specific proteins in cooked meatballs by LCQTOF-MS

Klaudia Kotecka-Majchrzak, Natalia Kasałka-Czarna, Agata Sumara, Emilia Fornal, Magdalena Montowska

14. Assessment of the microbiological safety associated with the dynamics of the meat
surface aw, pH and temperature during beef dry-aging process

Núria Panella-Riera, Aricia Posas, Anna Jofré, Josep Comaposada, Sara Bover-Cid

15. The risk of salt reduction in chouriço – a dry-cured sausage assessed by the influence on
the survival of Salmonella

Luis Patarata, Joana Guedes, José António Silva, Maria João Fraqueza

16. What are the risks of nitrite NO2 and nitrate NO3 exposure of consumer eating pork
processed food?

V. Sante-Lhouteller, A. Bonifacie, E. Keuleyan, V. Ferraro, P. Gatellier, A. Promeyrat, G. Nassy, L. Picgirard, L. Theron

17. Combining predictive microbiology and computed tomography to assess the impact of
the reduction of salt and curing agents during dry-cured ham processing

Eva Torres-Baix, Israel Muñoz, Sara Bover-Cid, Elena Fulladosa

18. Detection and specific identification of giblets in processed chicken meat products
using droplet digital PCR based quantification of miRNAs

Vishnuraj M.R., Suresh Devatkal, Vaithiyanathan S., Mendiratta S.K. Ch. Srinivas, Barbuddhe, S.B.

19. Development and validation of a droplet digital PCR targeting intron-based sequence
for detection and quantification of buffalo meat substitution in beef

Vishnuraj M.R., Aravind Kumar N., Vaithiyanathan S., Ch. Srinivas, Anusha Chauhan, Barbuddhe S.B.

20. Microbial investigation of hygienic properties of different plastic and metal surfaces
used by the meat industry

Claudia Waldhans, Martin Hebel, Ulrike Herbert, Paul Spoelstra, Shai Barbut, Judith

21. Effects of carbon dioxide in high-oxygen modified atmosphere packaging on
Pseudomonas growth and beef spoilage

Jun Yang1, Xiaoyin Yang, Rong-rong Liang, Lixian Zhu, David Hopkins, Xin Luo, Yimin Zhang

22. Sensitive lateral flow test strips for rapid on-site control of authenticity and composition of meat products

Elena A. Zvereva, Olga D. Hendrickson, Demid S. Popravko, Anatoly V. Zherdev, Boris B. Dzantiev

Sustainability in Meat Processing-Waste Management and Pet Food Production

  1. A method for upgrading porcine blood into a decolourized and tasteful protein

Mari Ann Tørngren, Lam N. Trac, Louise H. Hofer, Birgitte Lund, Kjartan B. Kaas-Larsen, Maj-Britt Rolsted, Claus M. Jespersen

Traditional Meat Products

  1. Staphylococcus aureus in dry-cured ham: a predictive model covering aw, packaging
    and storage temperature

Anna Austrich Comas, Cristina Serra Castelló, Maria Viella, Pere Gou, Anna Jofré, Sara Bover Cid

2. Nitrosylmyoglobin and Zn-protoporphyrin in Iberian dry cured loins formulated with
reduced amounts of nitrate/nitrite: Evolution during drying and refrigerated storage
after high hydrostatic pressure processing.

Nieves Higuero Fernández, Irene Moreno Montero, Guadalupe Lavado, María Rosario Ramírez Bernabé, Ramón Cava López

3. Genotype differences in initial pH of the ham in a Belgian slaughterhouse

Eline Kowalski, Els Vossen, Sam Millet, Marijke Aluwé, Stefaan De Smet

4. The Quality of Traditionally Smoked Polish Regional Products, Produced of Raw
Material Obtained From Native Animal Breeds

Władysław Migdał1, Maria Walczycka1, Ewelina Węsierska1, Łukasz Migdał2

5. The effect of weaning age and slaughter age on the sensory characteristic of Arouquesa
Beef – a Protected Designation of Origin Portuguese meat

Luis Patarata, José António Silva, Ricardo Cardoso, Madalena Vieira-Pinto, Carlos Venâncio

6. Viability of potential probiotic Lactobacillus plantarum in reduced-sodium salami

María Inés Palacio, Peter Purslow

7.Microbiological and physical-chemical evaluation of „Covilhete” – A Portuguese
regional salted pasta filled with cooked meat

Joana Moura, Maria Conceição Fontes, José António Silva, Cristina Saraiva