Parallel session 1. Muscle Biochemistry

  1. M.A. Ahhmed, T. Yoshito, S. Kawahara, G. Kaneko and M. Muguruma

  2. H. Huang,M.R. Larsen, A.H. Karlsson and R. Lametsch

  3. S.P. Suman, P. Joseph, S. Li, K.M. McClelland, G. Rentfrow, C.M. Beach

  4. J. Faura, B. Lebret, P. Ecolan, S. Metayaer-Coustard and L. Lefaucheur

  5. E.M. England, J.M. Scheffler, s. Park, S.C. Kasten, T.L. Scheffler, H. Zhu, K.D. Fisher, B.M. Reinholt, G.R. Van Eyk, J.M. Stevenson, R.C. Roberson and D.E. Gerrard

Parallel session 2. Sustainable Meat Production

  1. J. Gonzalez , M. Gispert, M. Gil, M. Hvid, J.Y. Dourmad, K. de Greef and E. Fàbrega

  2. S. Støier, A.M. Sell, L.B. Christensen, L.O. Blaabjerg and M.D. Aaslyng

  3. P. McGilchrist, L.M. Cafe, D.W. Pethick, P.L. Greenwood and G.E. Gardner

  4. J.D. Magolski, K.R. Maddock-Carlin, V.L. Anderson, C.A. Schwartz, A.N. Lepper, W.L. Keller, X. Sun, B.R. Ilse and E.P. Berg

Parallel Session 3. Management of Tenderness

  1. S. Chriki, G. Garner, C. Jurie, B. Picard, D. Micol, J.P. Brun, L. Journaux and J.F. Hocquette

  2. N. Guillemin, C. Jurie, D. Micol, G. Renand, J.F. Hocquette and B. Picard

  3. D. Lomiwes, M.M. Farouk, D.A. Frost, P.M. Dobbie and O.A. Young

  4. V. Marzin, P. Tribot Laspiere, F. Turin and C. Denoyelle

Parallel Session 4. Consumer and Novel Products

  1. E. Goddard, J. Janz, H. Bruce, G. Plastow, S. Moore, L. Ma, V. Muringai and S. Anders

  2. P.J. Shand, G.P. Hong, H. Wang, M. Gerlat, M. Nickerson and J.P.D. Wanasundara

Parallel Session 5. Natural Antioxidants

  1. E. Vossen, M. Utrera, S. De Smet, D. Morcuende and M. Estévez

  2. H. Ergezer, M. Serdaroglu and T. Akcan

  3. M. Utrera, G. Rodriguez-Carpena, D. Morcuende and M. Estévez

  4. M. García-Íñiguez de Ciriano, E. Larequi, I. Berasategi, I. Astiasarán and D. Ansorena

  5. S.A. Mathenjwa, C.J. Hugo, C. Bothma and A. Hugo

Parallel Session 6. Microbiological Hazards in Meat

  1. I. Van Damme and L. De Zutter

  2. M. Ellouze, A. Le Roux, A. Bozec, P. Garry and B. Minvielle

  3. L. Delhalle, Y. Adolphe, S. Crèvecoeur, G. Daube and A. Clinquart

  4. S.J. Hauge, M. Wahlgren, O.J. Røtterud and T. Nesbakken

Parallel Session 7. Boar Taint: Entire Males or Immunocastration?

  1. D.D. Boler, J. Killefer, D.M. Meeuwse, V.L. King, F.K. McKeith and A.C. Dilger

  2. M. Aluwé, S. Millet, K.C.M. Langendries, K.M. Bekaert, F.A.M. Tuyttens, D.L. De Brabander

  3. K.M. Bekaert, F.A.M. Tuyttens, H.F. De Brabander, F. Vandendriessche, L. Duchateau and L. Vanhaecke

Parallel session 8. Animal Nutrition and Meat Quality

  1. G. Luciano, A.P. Moloney, A. Priolo, F.T. Röhrle, V. Vasta, L. Biondi, P. Lόpez-Andrés, S. Grasso and F.J. Monahan

  2. M. Gobert, D. Bauchart, E. Parafita and D. Durand

  3. A.M. Descalzo, M. Nanni M, A. Gasparovic, L. Rossetti, A. Islas-Trejo, J.F. Medrano and A. Pordomingo

  4. A. Rivas-Cañedo, S. Lauzurica, J. De la Fuente, O. López, C. Pérez, I. Muiño, V. Cañeque and M.T. Díaz

Parallel Session 9. Nutrition and Health

  1. U. Kehlet, L. Meinert and M.D. Aaslyng

  2. V. Scislowski, G. Gandemer and A. Kondjoyan

Parallel Session 10. Improved Meat Products

  1. J. Hayes and P. Allen

  2. M. Armenteros, F. Toldrá, M.C. Aristoy, J. Ventanas and M. Estévez

  3. M. Janssens, N. Myter, L. De Vuyst and F. Leroy

Parallel Session 11. Fatty Acids in Meat

  1. A.E.O. Malau-Aduli, C.W. Bignell, R. McCulloch, J.W. Kijas and P.D. Nichols

  2. L. Barton, D. Bures, T. Kott and B. Kottova

  3. T. Gotoh, S. Olavanh, T. Shiota, B. Shirouchi, M. Satoh, E. Albrecht, S. Maak, J. Wegner, K. Etoh, Y. Shiotsuka, K. Hayashi, F. Ebara and T. Etoh

  4. A.S.H. Costa, P.A. Lopes, M. Estevão, S.V. Martins, S.P. Alves, R.M.A. Pinto, H. Pissarra, J.J. Correia, M. Pinho, C.M.G.A. Fontes and J.A.M. Prates

Parallel Session 12. Animal Factors and Meat Quality

  1. M. Müller Richli and M.R.L. Scheeder

  2. H.A. Channon, A.J. Hamilton, D.N. D’Souza and F.R. Dunshea

  3. I. Benet, C. Ibañez, M.D. Guardia, J. Sola, J. Arnau and E. Roura

  4. I.K. Straadt, M.D. Aaslyng and H.C. Bertram

Parallel Session 13. Meat Processing

  1. Y. Yoshida, T. Hayakawa, J. Wakamatsu, T. Iwasaki, I. Kaneda and T. Nishimura

  2. G.A.H. de Jong and T.J. Verkleij

  3. R.A. McArdle, B. Marcos, A.M. Mullen and J.P. Kerry

  4. K. Subrin, M. Alric, L. Sabourin and G. Gogu

Parallel Session 14. Spectroscopic and Other Prediction Tools

  1. C. Pakula and R. Stamminger

  2. G. Daumas and M. Monziols

  3. H. Schmidt, R. Scheier and D.L. Hopkins

  4. A. Vautier, A. Bozec, E. Gault, T. Lhommeau, J.L. Martin and J.L. Vendeuvre

Poster session 1: Animal Genetics and Meat Quality

  1. I. Gramatina, T. Rakcejeva, L. Silina and A. Jemeljanovs

  2. M. Zarlenga, N. Latimori, A.M. Sancho, D.G. Pighin and P.T. Garcia

  3. S. Seo, S. Jung, J.H. Lee, M. Park, J.S. Ham and C. Jo

  4. J.M. Lorenzo, M.C. García-Fontán, J.A. Carril, N. Cobas, L. Purriños and D. Franco

  5. J.M. Lorenzo, R. Montes, D. Rois, M.C. García-Fontán, L. Purriños and D. Franco

  6. J. Faure, L. Lefaucheur, N. Bonhomme, L. Brossard, H. Gilbert and B. Lebret

  7. S.K. Lee, H.J. Kim, S.M. Kang, W.H. Choi, Muhlisin, B.K. Ahn, C.J. Kim and C.W. Kang

  8. A.S.H. Costa, P. Costa, C.M. Alfaia, P.A. Lopes, J.P.C. Lemos and J.A.M. Prates

  9. Muhlisin, S.M. Kang, W.H. Choi and S.K. Lee

  10. S. Lilic, V. Matekalo-Sverak, Z.M. Baltic and S. Ivanovic

  11. M.G. Oliveira, A.A. Pinto, I.N. Prado and J.L. Moletta

  12. A.A. Pinto, I.N. Prado, J.L. Moletta and M.G. Oliveira

  13. A.A. Pinto, I.N. Prado, J.L. Moletta and M.G. Oliveira

  14. J. Sánchez del Pulgar, A. Carrapiso and C. García

  15. M.D. Poleti, A.F. Rosa, C.T. Moncau, V.A.M. Silva, V.E. Foresti, S.L. Silva and J.C.C. Balieiro

  16. K.W. McMillin, W. Tangkham, D. Preiss, R. Cope and K. Braden

  17. R. Jorfi, S. Mustafa, Y.B. Che Man, D. Mat Hashim and A.Q. Sazili

  18. L. González, E. Bispo, S. Carracedo, C. Resch, A. Roca and T. Moreno

Poster session 2: Animal Welfare, Slaughter and Meat

  1. J. Taylor, D. Hopkins and R. van de Ven

  2. D. Pighin, P. Davies, A. Pazos, I. Ceconi, S. Cunzolo, D. Mendez, M.A. Buffarini and G. Grigioni

  3. X. Li X, G. Hestvik, J. Malmsten, E. Ågren, L. Felton and K. Lundström

  4. J.H. Choe, Y.M. Choi, K.C. Jung, J.M. Kim, K.C. Hong and B.C. Kim

  5. C. Evrat Georgel, D. Ribaud, J. Normand and V. Marzin

  6. A. Amici, D. Meo Zilio, A. Ficco, R. Primi, F. Serrani, S. Failla and M. Contò

  7. P. Monge, J. Lemes, M.M. Campo, V. Guerra and C. Sañudo

  8. P. McGilchrist, C.L. Alston, K.L. Thomson, G.E. Gardner and D.W. Pethick

  9. C. Borggaard, L. Lykke, S. Støier and M.D. Aaslyng

  10. G. Daumas and M. Monziols

  11. M. Hviid, S. Erboe and E.V. Olsen

  12. P. Monge, J. Lemes, M.M. Campo, V. Guerra and C. Sañudo

  13. M. del Campo, X. Manteca, G. Brito, J.M. de Lima, P. Hernández and F. Montossi

Poster session 3: Postmortem Metabolism and Tenderness

    Part 1: Energy Metabolism

    1. R. van de Ven, K.L. Pearce and D.L. Hopkins

    2. S. Dadgar, T.G. Crowe, H.L. Classen and P.J. Shand

    3. M. Juárez, J.A. Basarab, V.S. Baron, O. López-Campos, M. Valera and J.L. Aalhus

    4. D.F. Marchi, F.M. Beteto, G.R. Santos, A.L. Soares, E.I. Ida and M. Shimokomaki

    5. D. Pighin, R. Warner, R. Jacob, D. Beatty, A. Naththarampatha and D. Ferguson

    6. A. Zybert, M. Koćwin-Podsiadła, H. Sieczkowska, E. Krzęcio and K. Antosik

    7. A. Zybert, M. Koćwin-Podsiadła, H. Sieczkowska, E. Krzęcio and K. Antosik

    Part 2: Ageing and Tenderness

    1. A. Brugiapaglia and G. Destefanis

    2. C.R. Craigie, R.W. Purchas, C.A. Maltin, R. Roehe and S.T. Morris

    3. L. Christensen, L. Andersen, H. Løje, P. Ertbjerg and M. Christensen

    4. B.Y. Park, G.H. Kang, J.H. Kim, S.H. Cho, P.N. Seong, D.W. Jeong, S.G. Jeong, S.M. Kang, H.S. Kim and D.H. Kim

    5. M.V. Sarries, M.J. Beriain and K. Insausti

    6. M. Pérez-Juan, M. Vitale, E. Lloret, C. Arnau and C.E. Realini

    7. D. Lomiwes, M.M. Farouk, G. Wu and O.A. Young

    8. P. Tavitchasri, P. Uaphattanaphong, C. Artchawakom, M. Rakthong, N. Ngamyeesoon and J. Sethakul

    9. M.H. Choi, J.H. Choe, Y.M. Choi, K.C. Jung, K.S. Lim, K.C. Hong and B.C. Kim

    10. D. Meo Zilio, S. Ballico, M. Contò, A. Chiariotti and S. Failla

    11. M. Yamanoue, S. Ueda, K. Matsunaga, K. Onishi and N. Sioyama

    12. D. Sharedeh, P. Gatellier, F. Peyrin, T. Astruc and J.D. Daudin

    13. L. Frylinck, K.W. Moloto, P.E. Strydom and K.Y. Modika

    Poster session 4: Muscle Proteome

    1. S.M. Cruzen, P.V.R. Paulino, E. Steadham, E. Huff-Lonergan and S.M. Lonergan

    2. Z. Wang, F. Gao, X. Wang, X. Li X, Z. Lin and C. Ma

    3. S. Jung, C. Jo, J.S. Ham, D.U. Ahn and K. Nam

    4. C. Jurie, B. Picard, D. Micol, A. Listrat, M. Kammoun and J.-F. Hocquette

    5. L. Chen, F. Chao, X.-L. Xu and G.-H. Zhou

    6. T. lwasaki, H. Taniguti, N. Tsubota, S. Kawami, N. Nhotta, N. Maeda and K. Yamamoto

    7. K. Hollung, E.M. Færgestad and E. Veiseth-Kent

    8. L.C. Hoffman, Y. Hanekom, N. Muller, N. Brooks and C. Leygonie

    9. A. Slinde, L. Corno, D. Coy, A. Chan and H.L. Bruce

    10. B. Tessema, L. Storrustløkken, O. Alvseike and K. Hollung

    11. Y.H.B. Kim, S. Bødker and K. Rosenvold

    12. Y.M. Choi, J.H. Choe, K.C. Jung and B.C. Kim

    13. A. Dubost, D. Micol, B. Meunier, C. Botiaux and A. Listrat

    14. A. della Malva, R. Marino, J.K. Grubbs, A.N. Fritchen, S.M. Lonergan and E. Huff-Lonergan

    15. M.R. Pedrão, M.M. Yamaguchi, F.A.G. Coró, A.T. Alfaro and M. Shimokomaki

    16. A.A. Silva, M.P. De Melo, S.L. Silva and T.M. Jalbutt

    17. S. Traoré, L. Aubry, K. Kajak-Siemaszko, P. Gatellier, W. Przybylski, D. Jaworska and V. Santé-Lhoutellier

    18. S. Park, H. Zhu, S.C. Kasten, E.M. England, B.M. Reinholt, G.R. Van Eyk, R.C. Roberson, K.D. Fisher, T.L. Scheffler, J.M. Scheffler and D.E. Gerrard

    19. H. Zhu, S. Park, J.M. Scheffler, E.M. England, S.C. Kasten, T.L. Scheffler, K.D. Fisher, B.M. Reinholt, G.R. Van Eyk, J.M. Stevenson, R.C. Roberson and D.E. Gerrard

    Poster session 5: Consumer and Sensory Issues

    1. M. Ferraro and S. Barbera

    2. V. Fuentes, J. Ventanas, D. Morcuende, M. Estévez and S. Ventanas

    3. B. Moyo, P.J. Masika and V. Muchenje

    4. K. Sasaki and M. Motoyama

    5. R. Reina, C. García and J.M. García-Casco, P. López-Buesa and J. Ventanas

    6. R. Reina, J. Ventanas, C. García, J.M. García-Casco

    7. P.N. Pilnam Seong, D. Jeong, G. Kang, S. Cho, B. Park, J. Kim, S. Jeong, H. Kim and D. Kim

    8. L. Lorido, V. Fuentes, J. Ventanas and S. Ventanas

    9. L. Gašperlin, M. Skvarča, T. Polak, M. Lušnic and B. Žlender

    10. A.A. Droval, S.H. Prudencio, V.T. Benassi, A. Rossa, F.G. Paiao and M. Shimokomaki

    11. S.H. Chan, B.W. Moss, L.J. Farmer and G.J. Cuskelly

    12. E.J. Dillon, G. Greehy, M. Henchion, M. McCarthy, S. McCarthy and G. Williams

    13. H. Resano, A.I. Sanjuán, P. Sans, N. Panella-Riera, M.M. Campo, S. Khliji, M.A. Oliver, C. Sañudo and P. Santolaria

    14. M. Kuwabara, M. Kadowaki and S. Fujimura

    Poster session 6: Nutrition and Health Issues

    1. P. Janiszewski, K. Borzuta, A. Borys, E. Grześkowiak, J. Strzelecki, D. Lisiak, F. Magda, B. Lisiak, K. Powałowski and M. Batorska

    2. M.L. Timon, A.I. Andres, E.J. Galea, V. Parra and M.J. Petrón

    3. M. Ghassem, A.S. Babji, M. Said and M.A. Zainon

    4. M. Ghassem, A.S. Babji and M. Said

    5. A.A.Semenova, A.V. Ustinova, M.A. Aslanova and I. Govor

    6. N.L. Vostrikova, I.M. Chernukha and Y.K. Yushina

    7. D. Demeyer and S. De Smet

    8. A.A. Adewumi, P. Olusola Fakolade and O. Alabi

    9. P. Steinhauserová, I. Rehurková and J. Ruprich

    10. G. Kavanagh, H. Warren, L. Nollet, K. Thordal Christensen, J. Thornton, K. Raes and J. Kennedy

    11. A.M. Smith, K.B. Harris, A.N. Haneklaus and J.W. Savell

    12. S.E. West, K.B. Harris, A.N. Haneklaus, J.W. Savell, L.D. Thompson, J.C. Brooks, J.K. Pool, A.M. Luna, T.E. Engle, J.S. Schutz, K.E. Belk and L.W. Douglass

    13. L.W. Abreu, A.L.C.S. Lemos, E.T.F. Silveira, B.F. Frias and P.E. de Felício

    14. A. Hassoun, V. Santé-Lhoutellier, A. Lebert, A. Kondjoyan and J.D. Daudin

    15. G. Gandemer, D. Bauchard and C. Duchène

    Poster session 7: Fish and Seafood

    1. A. Swetwiwathana, S. Siripoke, T. Zendo, J. Nakayama and K. Sonomoto

    2. D. Vranic, D. Trbovic, J. Djinovic-Stojanovic, Z.M. Baltic, R. Markovic, R. Petronijevic and A. Spiric

    3. J. Djinovic-Stojanovic, D. Vranic, D. Trbovic, S. Jankovic, Z. Petrovic, V. Matekalo-Sverak and A. Spiric

    4. M.O. Ipinmoroti and J.A. Bell

    5. S.S. Shekarforoush, M. Abbasvali and A. Azizi-shirazi

    Poster session 8: Animal Nutrition effects on Meat Quality

    1. R.T. Nassu, M.E.R. Dugan, M. Juárez, J.A. Basarab, V.S. Baron and J.L. Aalhus

    2. S. Tassone, R. Fortina, P. Cornale, L.M. Battaglini and S. Barbera

    3. L.O. Fiems, J.L. De Boever, S. De Campeneere and D.L. De Brabander

    4. I. Bahelka, G. Nuernberg, U. Kuechenmeister and K. Nuernberg

    5. D.N. D’Souza, F.R. Dunshea and B.P. Mullan

    6. M. Imanari, M. Yonai, T. Muramoto, M. Higuchi, N. Shiba and A. Watanabe

    7. J.S. Choi, D.S. Jung, S.H. Park, K.S. Kim and Y.I. Choi

    8. P.E. Strydom, L. Frylinck and M. Hope-Jones

    9. M.A.G. Quaresma, I. Rodrigues, S.P. Trigo Alves and R.J.B. Bessa

    10. K.A. Varnold, C.R. Calkins, A.L. Haack, J.E. Hergenreder, S. Pokharel, L.S. Senaratne, A.C. Pesta and G.E. Erickson

    11. L.C. Stoll, J.J. McKinnon and P.J. Shand

    12. M.S. Madeira, P. Costa, C.M. Alfaia, P.A. Lopes, R.J.B. Bessa, J.P.C. Lemos and J.A.M. Prates

    13. I.M. Oliveira, P.V.R. Paulino, J.P.I.S. Monnerat, N.V.L. Serão, V.R.M. Couto and M.S. Duarte

    14. V. Cañeque, I. Muiño, C. Perez, M.T. Díaz, S. Lauzurica, O. López, A. Rivas-Cañedo, J. De la Fuente

    15. A. Morales, R. García-Valverde, J. Gómez-Laguna, L. Fernández and M. Hernández

    16. Y. Hashizawa, M. Kadowaki and S. Fujimura

    17. F. Montossi, S. Luzardo, R. Cuadros, G. Brito, R. San Julián, C. Silveira and M. del Campo

    18. F. Montossi, C. Silveira, S. Luzardo, G. Brito, I. De Barbieri and R. San Julián

    19. M. Shibata, K. Matsumoto, Y. Hikino, S. Muroya, M. Oe, I. Nakajima, K. Ojima and K. Chikuni

    20. G. Brito, R. San Julián, M. del Campo, X. Lagomarsino, A. La Manna, M. Tieri, G. Banchero and F. Montossi

    Poster session 9: Oxidative Stability of Meat and Meat Products

      Part 1: Oxidation phenomena

      1. K. Jayathilakan, S. Khudsia, K. Radhakrishna and A.S. Bawa

      2. D.H. Jang and K.T. Lee

      3. D. Dannenberger, K. Nuernberg, L. Mahecha and G. Nuernberg

      4. M.L. Timón, J.M. Broncano, E.J. Galea, A.I. Andrés and M.J. Petrón

      5. E. Slinde, V. Phung and B. Egelandsdal

      6. U. Pastsart, M. De Boever, S. Lescouhier, E. Claeys and S. De Smet

      7. M. Karwowska and Z.J. Dolatowski

      8. P.G. Lins, T.M. Jalbut, T.B.H. De Mello, A.A. Silva, E.J.X. Costa and M.P. De Melo

      9. E.N. Ponnampalam, K.L. Butler, M.B. McDonagh, J.L. Jacobs, F.R. Dunshea and D.L. Hopkins

      10. R. Virgili, G. Saccani, T. Toscani and

      11. A.M. Descalzo, C.I. Gallinger, L. Rossetti, A.M. Sancho, B. Iglesias and J.O. Azcona

      12. M. Lucarini, L. D’Evoli, F. Sciuba, M. Delfini and G. Lombardi Boccia

      Part 2: Antioxidants

      1. Muhlisin, S.M. Kang, W.H. Choi, K.T. Lee, S.H. Cheong and S.K. Lee

      2. J-G. Rodríguez-Carpena, D. Morcuende,M.J. Petron and M. Estévez

      3. M.J. Petrón, J.M. Broncano, L. Martin, V. Parra and M.L. Timon

      4. M. Armenteros, S. Ventanas, J. Viguera, D. Morcuende and M. Estévez

      5. S.M. Kang, S. Cho, D.H. Kim and S.K. Lee

      6. S.M. Kang, Muhlisin, W.H. Choi, S.H. Cho, D.H. Kim and S.K. Lee

      7. R.M. González, S. Temperán, J.M. Lorenzo, R. Montes, R. Bermúdez and D. Franco

      8. I. Gómez, K. Insausti, R. Marín, J.A. Mendizábal, S. García, M.V. Sarriés, G. Zudaire and M.J. Beriain

      9. J.H. Choe, Y.S. Choi, H.Y. Kim, D.J. Han, H.W. Kim, Y.J. Kim, J.H. Park, H.K. Chung and C.J. Kim

      10. H.S. Kim and K.B. Chin

      11. A. Jang, J-S. Ham, K-H. Seol, M-H. Oh, K-S. Han, H.W. Kim, S-G. Jeong, J-M. Lee, D-H. Kim and J-C Park

      12. E.Y. Jung, G.D. Kim, H.J. Lim, S.T. Joo, H.S. Yang and I.K. Kong

      13. H. Yetim, I. Ozturk, O. Sagdic and F. Tornuk

      14. J. Hayes and P. Allen

      15. C.T. Filgueiras, R. Casagrande, M. Baracat, P.P.A. Paccola, A.L. Soares, M. Shimokomaki and E.I. Ida

      16. A.M. Martín-Sánchez, G. Ciro, E. Sayas-Barberá, J. Vilella-Esplá, J. Ben-Abda and J.A. PérezÁlvarez

      17. A.M. Martín-Sánchez, G. Ciro, I. Fortuna, J. Vilella-Esplá, J. Ben-Abda and J.A. Pérez-Álvarez

      18. K. Shimada, C. Jayawardana Barana, K. Uchino, K-H. Han, M. Fukushima and M. Sekikawa

      Poster session 10: Microbiological Safety

        Part 1: Carcasses

        1. G. Purnell, C. James, S.J. James and J.E.L. Corry

        2. G. Purnell, C. James, S.J. James and J.E.L. Corry

        3. B. Radmehr, E. Naghizade, M. Golpayegani and V. Kohdar

        4. P.D. Mies and M.J. Davis

        5. J.L. Lemmons, K.B. Harris, A.N. Haneklaus, M.D. Hardin, L.M. Lucia and J.W. Savell

        Part 2: Fresh Meat

        1. P.H. Imazaki, A. Maréchal, C. Nezer, G. Daube and A. Clinquart

        2. K. Farag

        3. A. Bozec, M. Ellouze, A. Le Roux and V. Zuliani

        4. F. Tornuk, S. Gokmen, K. Bugdayci and H. Yetim

        5. B. Melero, R. Vinuesa, S.M. Osés, A.M. Diez, E.M. Gómez-Rojo, D. Wilches-Pérez, I. Jaime and J. Rovira

        6. S.M. Osés, E.M. Gómez-Rojo, D. Wilches-Perez, B. Melero, A.M. Diez, I. Jaime and J. Rovira

        7. A.M. Diez, S.M. Osés, B. Melero, E. Gómez, D. Wilches, I. Jaime and J. Rovira

        8. S.E. Hosseini, Z. Hosseinchi and M. Bayat

        Part 3: Meat Products

        1. G. Nieto, L.H. Skibsted, M.L. Andersen, L. Patarara and G. Ros

        2. G. Nieto, L. Patarara and G. Ros

        3. T.T. Phan and T.B.T. Le

        4. A.B. Lisitsyn, A.N. Ivankin, Y.K. Yushina, N.A. Gorbunova and Y.M Evdokimov

        5. T. El-Khateib

        6. M. Kang, S. Jung, Y. Jung, J.S. Ham, Y.J. Kim and C. Jo

        7. H.J. Lee, M. Kang, Y. Jung, K. Nam, J.S. Ham and C. Jo

        8. M.C. Gámez, M.L. Garcia, A.M. Soto, I. Galán, M.D. Selgas and M.M. Calvo

        9. I. Kang, L. Zhang, Y. Xu, E. Ryser, J.Y. Jeong and J.B. Harte

        10. M.C. García-Fontán, G. García, R. Bermúdez, E. Garrido-Bailón, D. Franco and J.M. Lorenzo

        11. P.A. Di Ciccio, I. Geornaras, M.C. Nunnelly, E. Zanardi, A. Ianieri and J.N. Sofos

        12. J. Tilokavichai, A. Jindaprasert, K. Pilasombut, J. Sethakul and A. Swetwiwathana

        13. A. Jang, D-W. Kim, J-S. Ham, K-H. Seol, M-H. Oh, S-G. Jeong, K-S. Han, J-M. Lee and D-H. Kim

        14. B. Melero, S.M. Osés, A.M. Diez, E.M. Gómez-Rojo, D. Wilches-Pérez, I. Jaime, A. Rajkovic and J. Rovira

        15. T.M. Muras, K.B. Harris, L.N. Mehall, A.N. Haneklaus, M.D. Hardin, L.M. Lucia and J.W. Savell

        Part 4: Methodology

        1. I. Habib, M. Uyttendaele and L. De Zutter

        2. A. Lisitsyn, V. Krylova and T. Gustova

        3. A. Lysitsyn and N. Maslova

        4. K.P. Ye, Y. Jiang, X.L. Xu and G.H. Zhou

        5. E. Garrido-Bailón, B. Fernández, G. García, R. Bermúdez, J.M. Lorenzo and M.C. García-Fontán

        6. A. Guernec, P. Robichaud-Rincon and L. Saucier

        7. A. Vermeulen, A. Cappuyns, J. Beckers, A. De Loy-Hendrickx, H. Paelinck, M. Uyttendaele, J. Van Impe and F. Devlieghere

        8. A. Jakubczak, M.A. Stachelska, R. Świsłocka, M. Kalinowska and W. Lewandowski

        Poster session 11: Boar Taint: Entire Males or Immunocastration

        1. C. Claudi-Magnussen, C. Bejerholm, L. Meinert and M.A. Tørngren

        2. A. Martins, R. Formighieri, G.B. Magenis, E.T.F. Silveira and P.E. de Felício

        3. R. Formighieri, A. Martins, E.T.F. Silveira, G.B. Magenis, P.E. de Felício

        4. L. Meinert, C. Bejerholm and S. Støier

        5. P. Keresztény, R. Roszkos and I. Szabó

        6. Gallas L, Borilova G, I. Svobodova, I. Steinhauserova and L. Steinhauser

        7. M.A. Tørngren, C. Claudi-Magnussen, S. Støier and L. Kristensen

        8. L. Gallas, G. Borilova, I. Svobodova, F. Jezek, I. Steinhauserova and L. Steinhauser

        9. J.R.D. Allison, P. Suarez, J.P. Crane and D.P. Hennessy

        10. M. Aluwé, S. Millet, K.C.M. Langendries, K.M. Bekaert, F.A.M. Tuyttens and D.L. De Brabander

        11. J.R.D. Allison, P. Suarez, J.P. Crane and D.P. Hennessy

        12. T. Sattler, J. Jäger and F. Schmoll

        13. K.M.V.A.B. Cipolli, R.A. Guadagnini, E. Orlando, P.E. Felício and E.T.F. Silveira

        14. G.D. Cervo, L.C.C. Silva, K.M.V.A.B. Cipolli, N.F.A. Silveira, R. Bromberg and E.T.F. Silveira

        15. D.S. Lucas, K.M.V.A.B. Cipolli, S.B. Pflanzer, E.T.F. Silveira and T.J.P. Silva

        16. A.F.S. Iocca, E.T.F. Silveira and P.F. Romanelli

        17. L.C.C. Silva, G.D. Cervo and E.T.F. Silveira

        Poster session 12: Methods in Meat Science

        1. A. Ziadi, X. Maldague and L. Saucier

        2. A. Brugiapaglia, G. Destefanis, C. Lussiana, A. Giomo and G. Masoero

        3. B. Marcos, P. Gou, M.D. Guardia, M. Colleo, M. Hortós, N. Mach , M.F.W. te Pas, E. Keuning, L. Kruijt, A.H. Hoving-Bolink, M. Gispert and J. Arnau

        4. A.A. Semenova, M. Minaev and T. Fomina

        5. N. Vostrikova and I. Chernuha

        6. I.M. Chernukha, S. Burlakova, S. Hvilya and V. Pchelkina

        7. B. Chenci Goba, G. Masoero and S. Barbera

        8. C. Zomeño, V. Juste and P. Hernández

        9. G. Saccani

        Poster session 13: Animal Production Effects on Meat quality

        1. S. Barbera, M. Tarantola and C. Nebbia

        2. H.S. Chae, J.C. Na, H.T. Bang, D.J. Yu, M.J. Kim, D.U. Kim, H.C. Choi, O.S. Suh, H.K. Kang, A.R. Jang and S.H. Jo

        3. H.S. Chae, J.C. Na, H.T. Bang, D.J. Yu, M.J. Kim, D.U. Kim, H.C. Choi, O.S. Suh, H.K. Kang, A.R. Jang and S.H. Jo

        4. S. Tassone, M. Torchio, M. Botta, B. Biolatti and S. Barbera

        5. M. Cullere, A. Dalle Zotte, B. Contiero, Z. Sütő, T. Donkó and G. Milisits

        6. O.N. Torrentera, J.R. Carrasco, G.A. Arrizón, A.E. Álvarez, J.A. Plascencia and F. Figueroa

        7. G.H. Kang, S.W. Kim, S..H. Choi, Y.J. Kim, S.H. Cho, P.N. Seong, B.Y. Park, S.G. Jeong, S.M. Kang, H.S. Kim and D.H. Kim

        8. D.L. Teixeira, G.C. Miranda-de la Lama, J.L. Olleta, C. Sañudo, M. Villarroel and G.A. María

        9. I. Legrand, C. Martineau, T. Lefebvre, G. Bertrand, C. Evrat-Georgel and J. Normand

        10. M.A.G. Quaresma, E. Jerónimo, R.J.B. Bessa and J.P.C. Lemos

        11. C.F. Barbosa, A.L. Soares, A. Rossa, M. Shimokomaki and E.I. Ida

        12. M.S. Duarte, N.V.L. Serão and P.V.R. Paulino

        13. M.E. Cossu, A.B. Picallo, G. Rebak, J.J. Grigera Naón, F.M.B. Rozen, M.L. Lamanna, A. Schor, D. Colombatto, H. von Bernard and E. Ynsaurralde Rivolta

        Poster session 14: Processing and Technology

          Part 1: Cooling and freezing

          1. J. Dublanchet, L. Picgirard, E. Parafita, J.D. Daudin and P.S. Mirade

          2. R.M. González, S. Temperán, J.M. Lorenzo, M.C. García-Fontán, L. García, I. González and D. Franco

          3. M.J. Martín, C. Sanabria, J.I. Gutierrez and A.I. Andrés

          4. M.J. Martín, C. Sanabria, J.I. Gutierrez and A.I. Andrés

          5. M. Armenteros, S. Ventanas, D. Morcuende, F. Solano and M. Estévez

          Part 2: Packaging

          1. D.I. O’Connor and P. Allen

          2. R.N. Nassu, B. Uttaro, J.L. Aalhus, S. Zawadski, M. Juárez and M.E.R. Dugan

          3. R.P.P. Fernandes, M.T.A. Freire, J.C.C. Balieiro, A.F. Rosa, F.A.P. Catunda and M.A. Trindade

          4. S.L. Chen, Y.M. Weng, J.J. Huang and K.J. Lin

          5. A. Owczarek-Fendor, B. De Meulenaer, S. De Smet, I. Van Bree, A. Vermeulen, M. Eriksson, S. Lescouhier, M. Vandersteene and F. Devlieghere

          6. E. Parafita, J.P. Frencia and L. Picgirard

          7. E. Khajehali, S.S. Shekarforoush, A.H.K. Nazer and S. Hoseinzadeh

          8. M.E. Cossu, A.B. Picallo, M.L. Lamanna, G. Lazzari, M.L. Cumini, V. Vello and F. Raffaeli

          Part 3: Processing

          1. K.B. Chin, Y.B. Kim and K. Rosenvold

          2. W. Schnaeckel, J. Krickmeier, Oktaviani, W. Pongjanyanukul and D. Schnaeckel

          3. G.D. Kim, J.Y. Jeong, E.Y. Jung, H.S. Yang, S.J. Hur and S.T. Joo

          4. D.J. Han, Y.S. Choi, H.Y. Kim HY, J.H. Choe, H.W. Kim, K.E. Hwang, E.S. Lee and C.J. Kim

          5. Y. Miyaguchi, T. Sakamoto, S. Sasaki, K. Nakade, S. Ichinoseki, M. Tanabe, M. Numata, N. Higashikuni and K. Kosai

          6. W. Branscheid, A. Bauer and K. Troeger

          7. R. Sakata, T. Oshida, T. Nishiumi, H. Yoon and M. Waga

          8. P. Seong, D. Jeong, G. Kang, S. Cho, B. Park, J. Kim, S. Jeong, H. Kim and D. Kim

          9. E.M. Gómez-Rojo, J. Gónzalez, D. Wilches-Perez, B. Melero, S.M. Osés, A.M. Diez, I. Jaime and J. Rovira

          10. G. Barbieri, G. Barbagallo, M. Franceschini, A. Pizza and P. Rivaldi

          11. M. Scheeder and G. Hugenschmidt

          12. V. Tomović, M. Jokanović, S. Savatić, Lj. Petrović, N. Džinić, T. Tasić and P. Ikonić

          13. F.A.G. Coró, M.R. Pedrão, M.M. Yamaguchi, A.R. Alfaro and M. Shimokomaki

          14. A.C.G. Monteiro, M.A. Fontes, P. Costa and J.P. Lemos

          15. C. McDonnell, P. Allen, E. Duggan, D.A. Cronin and J.G. Lyng

          16. V. Brumfeld

          17. R. McArdle, J.P. Kerry and R.M. Hamill

          Part 4: Technology

          1. E. Patissier, L. Picgirard and E. Parafita-Thomas

          2. E. Patissier, L. Picgirard and E. Parafita-Thomas

          3. M. Sánchez, J. Viguera, Q. Espárrago, M.J. Martín and C. Sanabria

          4. J. Hayes and P. Allen

          Poster session 15: Enhanced Meat Products

            Part 1: Fat, Salt and Nitrate Reduction

            1. I. Van Leuven, O. Goemare, L. Steen, P. Dirinck and H. Paelinck

            2. K. Aota, S. Ichinoseki, M. Numata, K. Kosai, Y. Miyaguchi, T. Hayashi and S. Haga

            3. H. Mora-Gallego, X. Serra, M.D. Guàrdia, R. Miklos, R. Lametsch and J. Arnau

            4. E. Kaynakci and B. Kiliç

            5. H.W. Seo, G.D. Kim, E.Y. Jung, J.Y. Park, S.S. Eo, S.T. Joo and H.S. Yang

            6. M. Bergamaschi, Ge. Barbieri, M. Franceschini and G. Barbieri

            7. S. Lilic, S. Saicic, D. Vranic, D. Trbovic, B. Borovic, B. Velebit and B. Lakicevic

            8. P.S. Mirade, S. Portangen and J.D. Daudin

            9. J. Viguera, F. Solano, M. Armenteros, D. Morcuende and M. Estévez

            10. G. Ferrini, M.D. Guàrdia, C. Sárrag, R. Rubio, I. Díaz, J. Comaposada and J. Arnau

            11. R.S. Filgueras, A. Venien, F. Peyrin, R. Labas, J.M. Henot and T. Astruc

            12. H.J. Lim, J.Y. Park, S.S. Eo, M.J. Kim, S.T. Joo and H.S. Yang

            13. T.J. Verkleij and W.H.M. Oostrom

            14. J.H. Zhang, G.F. Jin, L.C. He and J.M. Wang

            Part 2: Functional Additives

            1. V. Pryanishnikov and A. Iltyakov

            2. M.J. Petrón, J.M. Broncano, A.I. Carrapiso, V. Parra and M.L. Timon

            3. K.W. Lin and S.Y. Yu

            4. T. Hayashi, S. Washio, M. Arakawa, M. Taguchi, N. Toyoda and S. Haga

            5. A.M. Soto, I. Galán, M.C. Gámez, M.L. García and M.D. Selgas

            6. A. Iltyakov and V. Pryanishnikov

            7. H.W. Kim, J.H. Choi, Y.S. Choi, H.Y. Kim, J.H. Choe, S.M. Choi, M.A. Lee, J.W. Lee and C.J. Kim

            8. K.B. Chin, Y.H.B. Kim and K. Rosenvold

            9. H.Y. Kim, Y.S. Choi, D.J. Han, J.H. Choe, H.W. Kim, J.H. Park, E.S. Lee, S.J. Ju, S.K. Lee and C.J. Kim

            10. K.Pilasombut, N. Ngamyeesoon and J. Sethakul

            11. R. Sitthigripong, K. Pilsombut and N. Ngamyeesoon

            12. D.S. Jung, J.S. Choi, S.H. Park, J.H. Kim, S.H. Lee, S.H. Choi and Y.I. Choi

            13. L.Q. Bomdespacho, D.C.U. Cavallini, R.A. Pinto, A.F.S. Iocca, E.T.F. Silveira, S.B. Pflanzer and E.A. Rossi

            14. A.L.S.C. Lemos, J.C. Andrade, M.M.H. Haguiwara, R. Bromberg, E.A. Yamada, L. Abreu and B. Frias

            15. A.J.M. Aro and S.A. Chaiña

            16. R. Ramezani,M. Aminlari and H. Fallahi

            Poster session 16: Lipids and Fatty Acids

            1. B. Moyo, P.J. Masika, A. Hugo and V. Muchenje

            2. A.A. Semenova, A. Ivankin, T. Kuznetsova and A. Bogdanova

            3. J. Normand, A. Bertout, D. Le Pichon, D. Ribaud, C. Evrat-Georgel and V. Marzin

            4. M. Barahona, C. Sañudo, J.L. Olleta, P. Alberti, C.E. Realini and M.M. Campo

            5. D. Bureš, L. Bartoň and T. Kott

            6. G. Zudaire, M.V. Sarries, K. Insausti, M.J. Beriain, I. Gómez and A. Arana

            7. M. Juárez, M.E.R. Dugan, N. Aldai, J.A. Basarab, V.S. Baron, T.A. McAllister and J.L. Aalhus

            8. Y.S. Choi, D.J. Han, H.Y. Kim, H.W. Kim, D.H. Song, J.H. Choe, K.S. Park and C.J. Kim

            9. I. Nakajima, M. Oe, K. Ojima, S. Muroya, M. Shibata and K. Chikuni

            10. M.M. Campo, M. Barahona, E. Muela, P. Perez and C. Sañudo

            11. S. Kawahara, K. Shibata, Y. Matsuoka and M. Muguruma

            12. V. Alonso, L. Provincial, L.M. Najes, E. Guillén, M. Gil, M.M. Campo, P. Roncalés and J.A. Beltrán

            13. M. Karwowska and Z.J. Dolatowski

            14. L. Pannier, G.E. Gardner, G.H. Geesink, A.J. Ball, R.H. Jacob, K.L. Pearce and D.W. Pethick

            15. M.S. Madeira, M. Nascimento, C.M. Alfaia, S.P. Alves, R.J.B. Bessa and Prates

            16. Z. Pietrasik, H. Wang and J. Janz

            17. M.R. Pedrão, N.E. Souza, M. Matsushita, F.A.G. Coró, P. Telles, J.V. Visentainer and M. Shimokomaki

            18. K. Nuernberg, J. Angulo, M. Olivera, L. Mahecha, G. Nuernberg and D. Dannenberger

            19. V.M.R. Pires, A.S.H. Costa, C.M.G.A. Fontes and J.A.M. Prates

            20. A. Hugo, S.P. Els, C. Bothma, F.H. De Witt and H.J. Van der Merwe

            21. M. Ebrahimi, M.A. Rajion, A.Q. Sazili, J.T. Schonewille and Y.M. Goh

            Poster session 17: Chemical Safety Issues

            1. S. Barbera, F.T. Cannizzo and B. Biolatti

            2. A. Javadi, H. Mirzaie and S.A. Khatibi

            3. B. Radmehr, R. Malakzadeh, M. Saemi and N. Dallal Abbollahi

            4. E. Zanardi, A. Caligiani, M. Mariani, S. Ghidini, G. Palla and A. Ianieri

            5. A. Watanabe, M. Imanari, M. Yonai and N. Shiba

            6. A. Gomes, C. Roseiro, J. Almeida, M. Elias and C. Santos

            7. S. Bover-Cid, M.D. Guàrdia, A. Claret, T. Aymerich and J. Arnau

            8. E. De Mey, L. Dewulf, G. Drabik-Markiewicz, G. Derdelinckx, M.-C. Peeters and H. Paelinck

            9. J.Y. Song, S.J. Hu, H. Joo, J.B. Hwang, M.O. Kim, S.J. Kang and D.H. Cho

            10. K.W. Moloto, L. Frylinck, P.E. Strydom, K.Y. Modika and G. Koorsen

            11. V. Tomović, Lj. Petrović, T. Tasić, A. Mandić, M. Jokanović, P. Ikonić and B. Šojić

            12. L. Martín-Cabello, A.I. Carrapiso, J. Sánchez del Pulgar, C. Torrado, C. García and L. Martín

            13. C. Douny, R. Dure, F. Brose, G. Degand, A. Clinquart and M.L. Scippo